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1) How-to’s & long-form tutorials

Most tutorials use R (RStudio/OSX), occasionally I will post on Stata and/or Git.

2) Projects I’m working on

These are projects I’m doing for work (or pleasure). They range from Github repos, manuscript drafts, or tools/tips that I’ve found helpful. A Shiny app I’m building for the Diabetes Technology Society:

3) Blog posts and articles worth looking at

These are posts and articles I’ve found helpful or interesting. The topics range from exercise science, statistical methods, data science/programming, or basic news articles.


…”seemingly fast progress was perhaps slower than it could have been if the field had enforced higher levels of empirical rigor.”

Meritocracy or social justice?

In closing, we wish to emphasize that we are not advocating meritocracy; these issues are more a matter of values than science. At first glance meritocracy seems unquestionably good, but it could have unintended consequences such as creating social inequalities if societal rewards such as wealth are doled out on the basis of genetically driven abilities.*

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