rstudio::conf() resource dump

I just finished my first day at rstudio::conf() and wanted to provide a list of references that came up throughout the day.

Books on teaching

These texts came up in the tidyverse train-the-trainer section today with Greg Wilson (check out his website here).

I mentioned Steven Pinker’s book The Sense of Style in the discussion on the curse of knowledge, and Git for Humans by David Demaree is great if you are ever sadistic enough to try and teach people how to use Git.

Visualization guide

This guide on selecting a chart was shown during the Cognitive Craft portion of the lecture. Another guide to check out is Visualizing the Uncertainty in Data by Nathan Yau.

Courses and workshops

These courses/workshops came up in other conversations:

Blogs to follow

I’m sure there are more I am forgetting, but I will add them in a future post.

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