Reproduce Tables and Figures (3/3)

Martin Frigaard 11/15/2017 This is the third of three posts for setting up a data project. The first post dealt with creating project folders and downloading files and data from the Internet. The second post went over a bit of data wrangling. In this post I will attempt to recreate come of the table counts […]

Reading and wrangling data (2/3)

Martin Frigaard 11/15/2017 In my last post I set up my project folders and downloaded the data sets for the article, “Contagion in Mass Killings and School Shootings”. Reading data into RStudio I am going to read the data into the RStudio environment. I recommend using read_csv for plain text files (this function is from […]

Setting Up Data Project Folders (1/3)

Martin Frigaard 11/15/2017 I re-wrote and published these after reading David Robinson’s excellent post on Check him out on Twitter and take his new tidyverse course on DataCamp . File and folder organization are topics I was never explicitly taught, and I think it’s tragic. Organizing your project files can help you think through […]