Exploratory data analysis

Motivation In my graduate program we had an excellent text on Regression Methods in Biostatistics (which I will refer to as VGSM). Unfortunately, all of the examples and code from the courses, labs, and text were in Stata. As an R user, I kept having to translate the topics from Stata into R. But this […]

Scraping wikipedia tables

I recently ran into an issue in which I needed to create a long regular expression to match medications (antibiotics, specifically) in a giant medications table from an electronic health record (EHR). I wasn’t given a list of antibiotics to look for, but I did know this would end up as a binary (yes/no) variable […]

Ty Cobb and integrity in publishing

I recently purchased and read Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty by Charles Leerhsen. I decided to get this book after watching Leerhsen’s lecture at Hillsdale college. I’d always thought of Ty Cobb as the racist curmudgeon portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones in the 1994 film Cobb. Even before seeing this film, Ty Cobb’s reputation for […]

Reproduce Tables and Figures (3/3)

Martin Frigaard 11/15/2017 This is the third of three posts for setting up a data project. The first post dealt with creating project folders and downloading files and data from the Internet. The second post went over a bit of data wrangling. In this post I will attempt to recreate come of the table counts […]